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Biofilm activity on corrosion of API 5L X65 steel weld bead

Résumé : This work aimed to identify microbial colonization and biocorrosion in welded seam areas of API 5 L X65 carbon steel, since microorganisms are ubiquitous and there is a lack of information on their biological and electrochemical interactions with these structures. In the present study, polished and unpolished welded coupons prepared by shielded metal arc welding were assayed to identify the effect of surface roughness and local changes in the metal microstructure on microbial colonization. Experiments were performed in glass cell vessels with fresh and sterile seawater to establish the presence or absence of microorganisms. For comparison, nonwelded coupons were simultaneously tested as a control. On the 15th day, both polished and unpolished welded coupons and the nonwelded coupons immersed in fresh seawater showed microbial colonization, though the corrosion products were more abundant for the welded coupons. Nevertheless, unpolished welded coupons showed a higher predominance of pitting around the beads than polished coupons. These results suggest that filler material creates conditions more favorable for biofilm development, thus intensifying the localized corrosion on the welds. It can be concluded that adhesion and subsequent biocorrosion are directly influenced by surface roughness, whereas microstructural modifications due to welding interfere little with microbial adhesion, regardless of the greater pit depths compared to those of nonwelded coupons. Additionally, although open circuit potential measurements indicated that metal surfaces are protected when coated with biofilms, pitting corrosion was more pronounced in welded coupons immersed in fresh seawater than in those immersed in seawater without microorganisms. Therefore, the use of open circuit analysis alone is not recommended for biocorrosion monitoring of welded coupons.
Domaine de référence : Biocorrosion
Auteur Liduino V. S., Lutterbach M. T. S., Sérvulo E. F. C.
Année de parution : 2018.
Mots-clés : Biocorrosion, Carbon steel X65, Pitting, Seawater, Welding.
Type de document : Article de revue.
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