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Steel resistant to SRB (sulfate-reducing bacteria) corrosion as well as application and preparation method of steel

Résumé : The invention discloses steel resistant to SRB (sulfate-reducing bacteria) corrosion as well as an application and a preparation method of the steel. The steel is prepared from main chemical components in percentage by weight as follows: smaller than or equal to 0.04% of C, 0.1%-0.5% of Si, smaller than or equal to 0.5% of Mn, 16%-24% of Cr, 0.15%-1.5% of Cu, 1.5%-3.5% of Al, 0.01%-0.1% of Ce and the balance of Fe and inevitable impurities. The preparation method of the steel resistant to SRB corrosion comprises steps as follows: the raw materials are mixed and subjected to smelting and casting, and a final product component is formed; the final product component is subjected to high-temperature annealing heat treatment, the heating temperature is 1150-1250 DEG C, and the heat preservation time is 60-120 min. The prepared steel can effectively resist corrosion of SRB from the external environment, the yield strength is higher than 380 MPa, requirements of J55 steel grade are met, and the problem of premature failure of pipes for oil recovery in a water injection well due to SRB corrosion can be solved very well.
Domaine de référence : Biocorrosion
Auteur 田青超, 任忠鸣
Année de parution : 2017.
Type de document : Brevet.
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