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Novel Coatings for Improved Marine Growth Management of Subsea Structures

Résumé : Marine growth is a combination of biological species that accumulate on surfaces and structures in subsea environments. This may have several negative implications including structural damage, accelerated corrosion and increased hydrodynamic drag. In this project, the use of certain coatings is investigated as a method of preventing or removing marine growth on subsea equipment and structures. From field deployments lasting approximately 3 months at the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club (RFBYC) and Nedlands Yacht Club (NYC) in the Swan River, it has been established that some tested coatings are able to outperform non-coated control segments in terms of lower marine growth accumulation at the field sites considered. However, no coating was able to completely repel 100% of marine growth.
Domaine de référence : Antifouling
Auteur Yang Tony, Draper Scott, Partridge Julian, Wernberg Thomas, Griffiths Terry
Année de parution : 2018.
Type de document : Article de revue.
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Ce projet est financé par le Fonds Européen de Développement Régional, la Région Normandie et le Conseil Départemental de la Manche.